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WattBox UPS Network Management Card

With this network management card for your WattBox UPS, internet access is all you need to keep close watch of your unit, even if you’re miles away. It works as an enhanced communication solution, allowing you to remotely monitor, manage, program, or even shut down multiple PCs from anywhere. This card does NOT add OvrC capability, but allows for the direct to device capabilities more commonly used in IT environments, where the UPS sends a signal to a local server or desktop to shut down during a power event.

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On Your Mark, Get Set, Install

Installing this network card is a Snap! Simply slide it into the back of your WattBox UPS, configure the IP address, access the system via the Web, and set up user accounts. In minutes, the UPS will be online and ready for a variety of online features.

Event Notifications

Stay ahead of any potential system issues with warning notifications via audible alarm, broadcast, mobile messenger, e-mail, and SNMP traps.

UPS Status

Check the status of your UPS anytime, anywhere. Get real-time dynamic graphs of vital UPS data, including power line voltage, output voltage, output frequency, load level, battery capacity, battery run time, and more.

Remote Power Cycling

Utilizing the master switch inside the remote management software allows you to schedule Shut-Down, Start-Up and/or Re-Boot times remotely. For example, rebooting the router weekly at a scheduled time to keep the device running smoothly.

System Summary Check

Live feedback allows for remote management and configuration of the UPS. Now you can get a real-time summary via your computer. It’s as if you were standing right in front of the UPS on the jobsite!

Data Logging & Status Records

Did you know your power company may not always send 110V to your outlets? Thankfully, a connected WattBox UPS performs power correction to restore full performance to your A/V or data system. This network card provides event logs and status records, which you can use to analyze system performance.

Remote Diagnostics

Diagnostic testing lets you perform a runtime calibration with installed load, validate the battery is still good, and report the battery’s remaining life. It also includes the results and date of the last battery test performed.

User-Upgradeable Firmware

Like other enterprise-level networking products, this network card features user-upgradable firmware. This ensures you always have the most up-to-date functionality available.

  • No OvrC Compatibility – Adding this card to a WattBox UPS does NOT add OvrC capability. For OvrC capability, you should purchase an OvrC-capable UPS.

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