Imagine a house that remembers to lock itself at 10 pm. Shades that close as the sun hits. A home theater setup that takes care of lights, sound and picture with one touch. With Control4 and jrb audio/video, inc., everything works together the way you want it to. Life is just better with a little more control.

Alexa | Control4

Control4: Home Automation and Smart Home Systems


Blazing Fast. High Performance. An Exceptional Experience. Meet our new family of Control4 Entertainment and Automation Controllers! The EA-5, EA-3 and the EA-1 installed by jrb audio/video, inc. Speed through your entire media library. Enjoy instantaneous climate control. Move through your music in a heartbeat. And this is just the beginning.



The Nest Learning Thermostat integrated into a Control4 system installed by jrb audio/video, inc. automatically saves you energy in a few ways, but exactly how much Nest saves with features like Auto-Away or Auto-Schedule depends entirely on you and your preferences. Nest is designed to be your energy partner, not your energy dictator, so whether you choose to lean to the side of savings or comfort is up to you.