Bring music and video to every room or the outdoors of your home by using one of the many flexible multi-room audio/video systems installed by jrb audio/video, inc. Whether you want to be able to enjoy music in every room or have the ability to listen to multiple sources in different rooms at the same time, let jrb audio/video, inc. find the right system to fit your lifestyle.

Why be limited to watch that blu-ray movie or TV show you recorded on your DVR to that one room that you have your equipment in? With a multi-room system installed by jrb audio/video, inc. you are now not limited to that one room.


Multi-Room Video: HD and 4K UHD with HDR Video Distribution

IMG_20150828_100459    IMG_20150828_100453

IMG_20141217_143337    IMG_20141217_143619

IMG_20151201_165703    IMG_20150828_122926

IMG_20160601_131602    IMG_20160520_143345


Outdoor Video: HD and 4K UHD Video Distribution

IMG_20151112_160659    Outdoor TV 1

Outdoor TV 2    IMG_20141217_135548


Multi-Room Audio: Stereo and Hi-Res Audio Distribution

IMG_20160520_143542_hdr    IMG_20160520_143511



Outdoor Audio: Stereo and Distribution

Outdoor Audio 1    Outdoor Audio 2