If it’s the media system in your living room or a home theater system in your basement, jrb audio/video, inc. makes it easy to find a solution that fits your home perfectly.

Use just one remote to turn on your entire home theater or media system installed by jrb audio/video, inc. With a click of a button, you will be able to watch TV, chose a song or radio station to listen to and chose a movie to watch using an on-screen navigator. Your equipment will automatically turn on and change to the correct input for you to enjoy whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s that easy.


Media Systems (Surround Sound in a Non-Theater Setting)

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Media Systems (Surround Sound in a Custom Home Theater)


Surround Sound Technologies Today and into the Future

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is a new audio format for creating and playing back multichannel movie soundtracks. It was developed to give movie sound a more three-dimensional effect. Traditional 5.1- and 7.1-channel surround setups deliver captivating sound using speakers placed all around your room.





DTS:X places sound where it would occur naturally in space, creating the most lifelike, multi-dimensional audio experience ever. Be prepared — this improved immersion and heightened realism makes horror movies scarier, comedies more laugh-out-loud, and car chase scenes even more intense.